… Me

I’m a technology specialist with 15 years experience in the charity sector and a lifetime of interest in technology.

I solve all manners of problems and challenges faced by charities, stringing processes and information together with whatever tools are available.

I’ve worked firsthand in the charity sector since 2006: from the frontline of supporter care and event management, to the backend of CRM implementation and actual Web Development.

I know what the day to day live of a fundraising team looks like, and I talk to my colleagues every day to find out how to make their lives easier.

My overlapping experience in the charity fundraising sector and development knowledge puts me in a pretty unique position of knowing the actual needs of the sector – and how to fulfil those needs.

… This Blog

Over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of headaches, lessons and success stories of how to use what’s available to enhance the operation of our fundraising team.

This blog is where I share them with you.

My hope is that you get to learn from my mistakes, my tribulations and my successes, and perhaps it’ll help get you to where you need to be sooner than later.

… This Sector

I’ve only really worked with regional charities, and I cannot overstate how far behind we are with technology. The culture, the infrastructure, the recruitment approach, a lot of us are getting it wrong – and it’s only through the perseverance of a few individuals who keep the wheel turning.

Thousands of man hours are wasted on problems that were long solved by the private sector, jobs that could be done by computers – leaving either little time to put the human elements into fundraising, or few data points to make informative decisions.

Technology had been the buzzword that has been floating around the sector for at least the last 10 years, but little to no investment have been made in the charities I’ve worked with.

Small and midsize charities drool over Virtual Realities when their CRMs can’t do what they need.

Meanwhile my friends in other sectors never need to talk about technology, because it’s already embedded into their organisations and work culture.

So let’s reset our priorities, get our foundations right so that we can work like we live in the 21st century!